What is a Photo Booth?

It’s only the latest and greatest in the world of parties, galas, celebrations, and corporate events; a completely portable, lightweight contraption that sets up easily and provides amusement endlessly.  Think comfortable bench, a drawn curtain, and a big red button your guests punch when they are ready to be photographed bedazzled in our array of accessories or just as they are. Faster than you can say “cheese,” pictures print right outside the booth and will be a take-home treasure for all who step inside.

Why do I need Laugh Out Loud Photo Booth at my event?

Our name says it all! If your goal is to host a successful and lively function look no further than this modern-day marvel that will have your guests grinning from ear to ear. Afraid your corporate event will be all work and no play? Laugh Out Loud Photo Booth is your ace in the hole. Looking to tie the knot without having your stomach in knots over the entertainment? Our booth will be the icing on your wedding cake. Hoping to avoid the same old song and dance at your Bar Mitzvah? You’re guaranteed to knock your guests’ yamakas off with our services. With LOLPB, you’ll have the last laugh knowing you delivered a unique and exciting event.

What sort of lasting effect will this have on my guests?

Your event will be here today and gone tomorrow, but if you take a picture it will last longer. Guests not only depart with their very own photo strips in hand, but at your function all they need is their cell phone and a code printed on the picture to upload real-time to Facebook; they’ll be writing home about their fun before they even leave. Photos are also accessible via email account to send to others or print at no charge; the best things in life are free and your attendees deserve the best. Instead of misty watercolor memories, our photo booth will leave your guests with colorful pictures and residual laughter.

Can your photo booth help build my business?

With Laugh Out Loud Photo Booth, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. Whether you’re booking the booth for a Grand Opening or a Customer Appreciation Day, our graphic designer can actually brand the exterior with your company logo for advertising that’s literally in your face. And, as guests enter email addresses to access their photos or upload their pictures to a social media site, our unique software post your message and website plus saves their personal information to compile you a list of contacts for potential business opportunities. We give you multiple layers of branding! LOLPB is your Trojan horse, so saddle her up and give us a call today!

Why should our company utilize you for our next Corporate Event?

No need to work your fingers to the bone planning for your upcoming corporate event. You’ll be the sharpest pencil in the box for booking us at your Christmas shindig, anniversary gala, merger celebration, or team building event. If you’re looking for more than just shop talk at your next function, shop for us. Like a knife through hot butter, our booth will cut through any corporate ice. Your guests will be bowled over by the fun, and you’ll be the ingenious kingpin who got the ball rolling.  Just don’t forget to be a team player and join in the action yourself.  In addition to providing guests with mirth and merriment you can make a big statement, literally, with LOLPB. Our graphic designer can transpose any company logo onto the side of the booth for larger than-life advertising.  Don’t let your next community affair or launch party mosey on by without branding our booth with your endorsement; it’s sure to be your cash cow.  The more patrons that spend time posing for pics in the dark, the more you’ll move into the black with our unique software feature. As each guest types in their personal code to access pictures on-line, they’ll be prompted for an email address. We compile this contact information into a handy dandy list that provides you a record of potential business opportunities. Laugh Out Loud Photo Booth will have you laughing out loud at the ease of building your biz long after your event is over.

How far in advance do I have to book you?

Time is money, but we don’t charge any additional fees for last-minute reservations. As long as our schedule is clear, we can plan your event as little as two weeks out from the big day.

How long can my guests enjoy photo opportunities? How many can enter at a time?

Like the Energizer Bunny, our booth will keep on going and going as long as your party does. And with the all-inclusive package pricing we have, our bells and whistles apparatus won’t stop working until we pull the plug. Picture opportunities are unlimited; your guests can keep coming back for Kodak moments as often as tickles their fancy. We’re no circus clown car, but we can fit up to five in the hot seat at once to mug for the camera. Your guests will stick to our booth like white on rice, and we’ll welcome them back time and again for limitless fun.

Can I personalize photos for my event?

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to create awesome templates with the stroke of a key…it’s our super designer! We would love to share our secret weapon with you, so please inquire about putting your name, business logo, or a graphic of your choice on your photos.  Options are endless ( traditional photo strip or customized postcard-sized printout) and variety is the spice of life, so call us today at 571-406-4386 and we’ll assist you with selecting just the right zesty combination for your event.

Will the booth blend in with my decor?

We stand behind our booth, literally, and find it attractive as well as amazing. This simple black box could potentially be unnoticeable if not for the line that will form upon sight, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we invite you to consider decorating the exterior with a logo, graphic, or life-sized photograph. Looking for something special for your Halloween party? Consider us wrapping the booth with a ghoulish icon; it’ll be a scream. Celebrating your silver or golden anniversary? We can blow up a treasured wedding photo for a special touch that will have all the guests gabbing about your good fortune. In charge of planning a critical corporate event? Let us throw you a bone by outfitting the booth in your company logo and you’ll be the top dog at the office. Think outside the box, because we can literally decorate the outside of ours.

How far do you travel?

To infinity and beyond! But seriously, just ask us. Further destinations may require a fee to cover travel expenses, but we’re willing to go the distance to light up your face with gladness.

Who’s Behind the Curtain?

Well, in the literal sense it’s your guests, but our services are run by a dynamic husband and wife duo – Ron and Anita Haynes. We have lived in Northern Virginia for over 20 years, where we’ve worked and played, gotten to know our neighbors and made lots of pals. Together we have over 30 years of marketing and entertainment experience, but…the real key to our success is our dedication to living the Golden Rule. Our background, ethics, and personal attention will be the treasure at the end of your rainbow.

What do your services include and how much do they cost?

Kick your feet up, preferably on the dance floor, and leave the work to us. The only finger you’ll need to lift is the one pointing to your desired location for the booth. We’ll set up, break down, and personally man the whole kit and caboodle. We provide an attendant who’s a real smooth operator and will keep the line moving professionally and the laughs rolling regularly. We also supply props such as goofy glasses, crazy caps, and beautiful boas. Playing dress up will have your guests cracking up and that’s no joke; after all, we are in the funny business. And don’t forget the CD loaded with party memories that will be sent to you. All this, at our remarkably fair price will have you busting a gut instead of the bank.